What Have I Been Doing…?

The recent weeks have been spent writing chapters for my new book, The Friendship Flame, which is the first book in a series I am writing for girls called Charm Bracelet Girls!

I have a graphic designer in America, who this morning has sent me some ideas for the front cover. I have chosen my favourite design, and so I’m very excited about that, and I can’t wait to show my readers a preview (coming very soon)! I have chosen a design that I like, but I was also keeping in mind my readers, so I hope you like it!

I am very excited about my new book, as I know some of my fans have been waiting for a new one. I thought I would give it about a year until I wrote another one; I thought I would give my readers some time to finish and enjoy my first book—and maybe even read a new, fresh one. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out—I am writing as quickly as I can!

Today I have seen on www.amazon.com that nine people have recently bought and ‘liked’ my book, Moshi Monsters: The Unofficial Beginners’ Guide to Collecting Moshlings, Earning Rox and more!, and on www.amazon.co.uk four have done the same. I am so grateful and pleased to know that my readers have been enjoying the book. And FYI: Watch out for the second edition, which isn’t too far away!

Faye xx

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