Books, Brews and Biscuits!

I think that one of the best things in life are the simple things: you don’t need a huge television or PlayStation or riches to be happy; the simple things are what make people more grateful for what they have. Getting lots and lots of everything you ever wanted would most likely turn you greedy and expectant, and might even make you hard to be around. I have learnt over the years (and I know I’m only young!) that it is the little things that matter.

In the same way, it is also the little things that can give you ideas that will then evolve into something big—and which could go some way to helping you achieve all you ever dreamt of (and hence get you that television or PlayStation or whatever it is you desire). For some, it might be some paints or coloured pencils: you could learn to become skilled in how to use them, and then you’d have a new skill that could change your life. For others, it might be something as simple as some seeds, which can encourage a skill for gardening. For me, the little things I have always loved are books, a cup of tea and a biscuit. Strange…? Regardless, books transport me to new worlds, help me gain perspective and also expand my vocabulary.

I honestly believe it is my love of books that has meant I can publish my own books and earn my own money, which allows me to leave my mark on the world—which is what I have always wanted to do! At first, everyone (yourself included) might think that the thing you love doing and are constantly doing is just your talent and something you’re good at; maybe nothing more than a hobby. But always remember: if you are determined, keep at it and try your very hardest. You should pursue anything you’ve ever wanted to do.

This is why I’m thankful for books, brews and biscuits!

Faye xx

Refreshed and Ready to Write!

For the past week or so, I have taken a break from writing, which has enabled me to read a bit and refresh my mind; I feel it’s necessary to take breaks so that I don’t ‘burn out’. This also ensures I will be raring to go when I’m writing Star Shower again (notably, after I’ve finished this blog entry!).

I am currently reading One For My Baby by Tony Parsons. It’s fantastic so far. It gives me a lot of perspective about life and some of the things people go through every day, and it’s also interesting to know how some people deal with these sorts of situation. We’re all so different—it’s quite amazing, really!

Reading also helps to expand my vocabulary and gives me new ideas on styles of writing and how other authors work. It’s like I receive an education every time I pick up a book! I’d never complain about going to school if it involved reading every day… Sigh! Oh well, we can’t have everything! For now, I’ll be grateful that I can read and write… That’s all I need to be happy!

Faye xx

Star Shower: Chapter Seven—We Have Progress!

Lately, I have been experiencing a bit of writers’ block when it comes to penning Star Shower, the next book in the Charm Bracelet Girls series. I’ve spent so much time thinking and thinking, but it seemed nothing was coming! However, this morning, lots of fantastic ideas sprang to my mind and, after some brainstorming with my mum (who is also my manager, copy editor, through Editorial House, and publisher through Notebook Publishing), I am finally happy to announce that I have just written the next—notably, the seventh—chapter in Star Shower! I’m so excited that those long hours of feeling lost and not knowing what to write seem to have passed—for now, at least!

After The Friendship Flame is published, I am going to dedicate myself to Star Shower and make sure it will be a book welcomed and enjoyed by my readers. It seems that my writing changes and develops so quickly, and I hope this will be reflected in the second book.

I hope my fans will enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them. It’s nerve-wracking, knowing other people will read over my words and have opinions… But I’m optimistic. I guess we will see!

Faye xx