Refreshed and Ready to Write!

For the past week or so, I have taken a break from writing, which has enabled me to read a bit and refresh my mind; I feel it’s necessary to take breaks so that I don’t ‘burn out’. This also ensures I will be raring to go when I’m writing Star Shower again (notably, after I’ve finished this blog entry!).

I am currently reading One For My Baby by Tony Parsons. It’s fantastic so far. It gives me a lot of perspective about life and some of the things people go through every day, and it’s also interesting to know how some people deal with these sorts of situation. We’re all so different—it’s quite amazing, really!

Reading also helps to expand my vocabulary and gives me new ideas on styles of writing and how other authors work. It’s like I receive an education every time I pick up a book! I’d never complain about going to school if it involved reading every day… Sigh! Oh well, we can’t have everything! For now, I’ll be grateful that I can read and write… That’s all I need to be happy!

Faye xx

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