I’m Back

Yes, I am finally back! I am aware I haven’t written a blog for five months (ridiculous, I know—I have no excuse!), but I am now raring to go and to get back into writing—including doing my blog again.

My latest news: I have re-read my book, The Friendship Flame, in its finished form, and I have decided that my writing has progressed so much that I now feel I would be happier to publish only after completing a re-write; that way, I’ll know it is the very best work I can do at this moment in time. I have now started this process and, so far, I am much happier with the writing I have been producing compared to what I had written before. This comes to show that these things shouldn’t be rushed! I think if I had published The Friendship Flame the way it was, I wouldn’t have been as proud of my new publication as I will be after re-writing.

The Friendship Flame will hopefully be published and available to my readers by the end of this autumn, which now gives me plenty of time to re-write and create something memorable and worthy of my fans!

So, please remain patient—I promise it’ll be worth it!

Faye xx