High School and My Two Loves

Hi, Readers!

After recently going through the (definitely scary) transition from primary school to high school, I have finally settled in and am ready to face dedicating my time to continuing on my journey of rewriting The Friendship Flame. I am currently rewriting Chapter 18 (exciting!), and things are going really well! The Friendship Flame should still be published by December/Christmas time, so don’t hesitate when adding it to your Christmas list! ;o)

I am currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. In all honestly, this, for me, has become one of those books that I’ve struggled to get into and where it’s tempting to give up and choose another one perhaps better suited to my tastes; however, I have decided to try and keep at it and see how it unfolds, and whether I can rekindle my passion for it. I am about halfway through (after two weeks! Eek!), so hopefully I’ll soon be done and able to give it an all-glowing review! Until then, it’s back to school and my two loves: reading and writing.

Faye xx

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