The Friendship Flame: Complete!

Multi-ethnic hippie friends in a minivan on a road trip

Today, I am so excited to have fulfilled a goal I have had for what feels like such a long time!

As my readers know, the past few years have been spent writing The Friendship Flame, which is to be the first book in the teen series Charm Bracelet Girls. It has been a long, sometimes difficult process, and there have even been some points where I’ve considered giving up altogether! But now, thankfully, I am hugely proud to say that The Friendship Flame is now finished and is to be published by the end of this month, ready for purchase/download on June 22, 2015!

Without question, as touched upon above, I have had my occasional doubts with writing this book, mainly owing to questioning my ability to write and whether the book will sell, etc. However, I am so so happy I have kept at this, and, as a result, The Friendship Flame will soon be available to my readers—you!

I want to thank everyone who has endlessly supported me throughout this journey, especially those who have encouraged me and made me believe not only in myself and in my ability to write, but also in The Friendship Flame. I can’t thank everyone enough!

In terms of what is happening at this very moment, my editor is currently finalising the manuscript, which then will be sent to my graphics designer in the USA, ready for file compilation by the end of this week! Meanwhile, I will be celebrating this achievement by starting work on the next book in the series…

Star Shower, the second Charm Bracelet Girls book, is now underway: I am in the process of creating character profiles, this time aided by a writing course (‘Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book’). It seems very surreal to realise, not only have I finished writing The Friendship Flame (which has been a very challenging journey), but I am now working on Star Shower! Again, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of my readers.

So much time has passed and there has been so much work invested, but now I am focusing on the second book, whilst also looking forward to penning another blog entry (very soon!) to celebrate the publication of The Friendship Flame!

Faye xx

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