Charm Bracelet Girls #3: The Key Keeper

Last night I received a very exciting email from my Graphics Designer. Mark, who is based in the USA and who has been my Graphics Designer for years (since I very first started writing at 7 years old!), has been working on the final version of the cover for the third book in the Charm Bracelet Girls series. The third book, The Key Keeper, centres on Chessa Webb, and delves into a world of different colours and perspectives, exploring what it’s like to view people through a different lens to your friends.

Despite The Key Keeper heading in a slightly different direction to the first two books in the series, I still wanted to ensure the cover design continued the same CBG theme. Although this was discussed with Mark, still, the excitement I felt late last night when the final cover design came through was, to say the least, out of this world; I am completely over the moon! This cover is now one of my favourites in the series so far, and to me depicts Autumnal mystery and beauty. I absolutely love it.

Here is a sneak peek of what it will look like once it is published in Autumn 2016:

It seems so surreal that this book will exist and be available to buy in a year! And it’s with so much thanks to everyone close to me who support me, whether that’s the people reading my blog, buying and reading my books, or even just encouraging me to keep on writing when the Writers’ Block kicks in! This is a magical process, and moments like book cover designs make it even more special. I couldn’t be more grateful!

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