The Friendship Flame: Published!

Today I am writing with some very exciting news: The Friendship Flame is now available online, having been published on June 22nd, and can be bought from a number of retailers, including Amazon and Waterstones! This has been such an incredibly exciting time for me, with Waterstones representing the peak of that excitement. As my favourite bookstore, it is a huge milestone and personal achievement for me.

The past week or so has been spent celebrating with my closest family and friends. Now all celebrations are done and dusted, it’s back to working hard—notably writing the second book in the series, Star Shower. I am absolutely loving writing the second book; I am loving the characters and how the story is unfolding. I am currently in the planning stage, creating the book’s blueprint, and am halfway through planning Chapter 7—just under a third of the way through already!

In addition to writing, I am also spending excessive amounts of time reading and keeping on top of my home education.

The completion of The Friendship Flame has made me feel triumphant, and there is a huge sense of accomplishment after investing such a long time into that project. It is my hope my readers will enjoy Kendal’s story of family, trust and, most importantly, friendship!

Faye xx

Nearly There!

Well, after a few glitches and hitches, it has been decided that The Friendship Flame, the first book in the Charm Bracelet Girls series, is to be published by mid-March! And, to top it all off, my website is soon going to be up and running! Personally, I think it is looking fab at the moment, and I can’t wait for my followers to see it! In addition, my official fanpage on Facebook will also be launched soon! Everything’s happening all at once—and it’s so exciting!

My plan this evening, after I have finished writing this blog, is to snuggle down on the sofa and read a book… perfection, right? Currently, I am reading Witch Finder by Ruth Warburton. I’m nearing the end and it’s absolutely incredible!

Although I’m biased as both a writer and a reader, I still think that books can really open up your mind to different things in the world. I think that, if they try, everyone can find at least one book they love, whether it’s a thriller, romance or something entirely different. Reading is a great way to relax, let your hair down and learn without you even realising it!

Tonight I am feeling really optimistic about my writing career, and it feels like I’m on Cloud Nine! I am especially excited about my website as that means I’ll be able to connect with my fans.

But hey, no more spoilers! I’m going to relax and read…

Faye xx

Excitement & Nerves


Gosh, I can’t believe this, but I have nearly finished writing the whole book of The Frendship Flame! I only have two or three more chapters to write, and then that’s it: it’s ready to be edited and published! The whole process is so exciting, but it’s really nerve racking, too: what if it isn’t a success and I’ve been kidding myself all along? The thing is, though, dreams don’t always have to be a picture in your mind, something you wish for: it can become a reality, if you work hard to get it, and that seems to be what I’m doing! I have lots of role models, such as my mum, Cathy Cassidy (my all-time favourite children’s author), and Lauren Oliver (another one of my favourites). Michael Morpurgo, Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, they all inspired me to be writing my books and achieving my dream, and you know what? It doesn’t seem so crazy, so impossible, now that I am getting close to officially achieving it. It just comes to show that dedication can go a long way.
It’s crazy to think that by the end of this month, The Friendship Flame will finally be up and running and in the stores. It comes to show that when you put loads of work and effort into something, you always get something out of it.
I want to thank all of my role models, including my best friends of all time, Emma and Natalia, for always being so supportive and helpful, Jenna, another best friend but also the best cousin in the world, and, of course, my little sister Amelia, for always managing to put a smile on my face. So many people have helped me along the way of achieving my dream, and I don’t think I tell them enough how much I appreciate it.

A message to all people out there: never give up your dream, no matter what anyone says, because you know what? It’s not always as impossible as it seems. Work hard, and I can guarantee you’ll get it before you know it. I’m not saying it’s easy–it’s not– but you can always find a way.

Faye xx

Almost Time!


Whoa, time has been speeding along so quickly! The day of the release of The Friendship Flame is drawing closer and closer… I can’t wait, but it’s a little scary, too! I have just finished writing half of chapter twenty-three, so at the moment I am taking a quick break by writing this post, eating sweets and listening to music… the best way to keep motivated, in my humble opinion!

I will keep you all updated on my progress as much as I can. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Faye xx

How am I Doing…?


Wow, I am making quite a lot of progress with The Friendship Flame, if I do say so myself! I have just completed Chapter Seventeen, and it’s getting quite exciting! Anyway, I won’t give you any spoilers– I am going to keep everything a surprise!

Ooh, 32 days until the release (and no, I’m not counting). I can’t wait! It’s so exciting to be releasing my second book! I also can’t wait to do the next book in the Charm Bracelet Girls series, but I need to take one step at a time, with a few books along the way…

What about you? Are you excited about the release of The Friendship Flame? If so, I’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment below!

Faye xx

The Friendship Flame – Chapter Fifteen


Wow, I am actually quite happy about the progress I have been making! I have just finished writing a little bit of Chapter Fifteen, and I have loads of ideas for the rest of the book… I, personally, can’t wait until the release! I’ve been working on it for so long, it’ll be nice to finally get it out there!

I have literally been counting down the days until the date of the release, and it’s exciting to be making this dream into a reality. I have been wanting to make a series for a while now, and it’ll be great to actually make the wishes and dreams come true.

A little note for everyone out there: no matter what anyone says or thinks, chase your dream, and someday, you’ll achieve it– I promise.

Faye xx

The Friendship Flame progress!


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog but, nevertheless, here I am! I thought I would let my fans know about the progress I have been making in my first book in the Charm Bracelet Girls series, The Friendship Flame! I am currently working on Chapter Nine, so I am definitely slowly but surely making progress with the book!

To add to this jumble of excitement, I have set a date for this book to be released: August 2nd! That means I have just over 2 months to write it, edit it, get it into the correct format and publish it, but I’m going to give it my best shot! With my mother, editor and publisher (all in one!) at my side, I know I can do it!

I am also making good progress with the book of fairy-tales I have been working on for approximately a year! Hopefully that will be out soon, too, although I haven’t set a release date for it  yet. There are still a lot of things needed to be done with it, but I’m still optimistic!

Feel free to comment!

Faye xx