Excitement & Nerves


Gosh, I can’t believe this, but I have nearly finished writing the whole book of The Frendship Flame! I only have two or three more chapters to write, and then that’s it: it’s ready to be edited and published! The whole process is so exciting, but it’s really nerve racking, too: what if it isn’t a success and I’ve been kidding myself all along? The thing is, though, dreams don’t always have to be a picture in your mind, something you wish for: it can become a reality, if you work hard to get it, and that seems to be what I’m doing! I have lots of role models, such as my mum, Cathy Cassidy (my all-time favourite children’s author), and Lauren Oliver (another one of my favourites). Michael Morpurgo, Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, they all inspired me to be writing my books and achieving my dream, and you know what? It doesn’t seem so crazy, so impossible, now that I am getting close to officially achieving it. It just comes to show that dedication can go a long way.
It’s crazy to think that by the end of this month, The Friendship Flame will finally be up and running and in the stores. It comes to show that when you put loads of work and effort into something, you always get something out of it.
I want to thank all of my role models, including my best friends of all time, Emma and Natalia, for always being so supportive and helpful, Jenna, another best friend but also the best cousin in the world, and, of course, my little sister Amelia, for always managing to put a smile on my face. So many people have helped me along the way of achieving my dream, and I don’t think I tell them enough how much I appreciate it.

A message to all people out there: never give up your dream, no matter what anyone says, because you know what? It’s not always as impossible as it seems. Work hard, and I can guarantee you’ll get it before you know it. I’m not saying it’s easy–it’s not– but you can always find a way.

Faye xx

The Friendship Flame: Book Cover Preview

This morning I have received some very exciting news: my graphics designer has sent me a preview of the completed front cover so that you, my readers, can take a sneak peek! I am very excited to hear what you think!

Charm Bracelet Girls: The Friendship Flame

The book is called The Friendship Flame, which is the first book in the series of Charm Bracelet Girls! On the top-left hand corner of the cover are the words Charm Bracelet Girls, surrounded by a charm bracelet. There is a heart on the charm bracelet, which represents friendship for this particular book. The charm bracelet on the cover of each book in the series will have a charm representing the story. If you look closely behind the heart charm, you might just catch a glimpse of the next book 😉

The girl on the front cover is called Kendal. I chose this image myself—she is so beautiful, and she looks a little sad and depressed… Want to find out what’s going on with Kendal? Then you’ll have to keep a look out for my other blog entries—and keep your eyes out for the book, which is coming very soon!

I thought I would show my readers a small version of the front cover because I thought it could help to build up a bit of excitement, and I also want my readers to see there is progress in completing my second book. And now you’ll be able to recognise it when it comes out in the stores. I hope you like it!

I am very excited about this book, and I hope you are, too! I am writing as quickly as I can (I don’t want to keep you waiting for too long!) so keep reading my blogs, which I will use to keep you updated with what’s going on.

Faye xx

What Have I Been Doing…?

The recent weeks have been spent writing chapters for my new book, The Friendship Flame, which is the first book in a series I am writing for girls called Charm Bracelet Girls!

I have a graphic designer in America, who this morning has sent me some ideas for the front cover. I have chosen my favourite design, and so I’m very excited about that, and I can’t wait to show my readers a preview (coming very soon)! I have chosen a design that I like, but I was also keeping in mind my readers, so I hope you like it!

I am very excited about my new book, as I know some of my fans have been waiting for a new one. I thought I would give it about a year until I wrote another one; I thought I would give my readers some time to finish and enjoy my first book—and maybe even read a new, fresh one. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out—I am writing as quickly as I can!

Today I have seen on www.amazon.com that nine people have recently bought and ‘liked’ my book, Moshi Monsters: The Unofficial Beginners’ Guide to Collecting Moshlings, Earning Rox and more!, and on www.amazon.co.uk four have done the same. I am so grateful and pleased to know that my readers have been enjoying the book. And FYI: Watch out for the second edition, which isn’t too far away!

Faye xx